XMPro Edge Analysis – Transformation

The Edge Analysis transformation is based on signal processing where the objective is to identify edges i.e. changes in the signal. This action agent is used when you want to identify whether the data has changed from a previous iteration.

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What is edge analysis?

Edge analytics is an approach to data collection and analysis in which an automated analytical computation is performed on data at a sensor, network switch or other device instead of waiting for the data to be sent back to a centralized data store.

Edge analytics has gained attention as the Internet of Things (IoT) model of connected devices has become more prevalent. In many organizations, streaming data from manufacturing machines, industrial equipment, pipelines and other remote devices connected to the IoT creates a massive glut of operational data, which can be difficult — and expensive — to manage. By running the data through an analytics algorithm as it’s created, at the edge of a corporate network, companies can set parameters on what information is worth sending to a cloud or on-premises data store for later use — and what isn’t.

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