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The Filter transformation allows data to be filtered using one or more conditions defined by the user. This transformation is used to filter streaming data by specifying filters using static values or other columns of data in the stream.

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What is a data filter?

Typically, data filtering will involve taking out information that is useless to a reader or information that can be confusing. Generated reports and query results from database tools often result in large and complex data sets. Redundant or impartial pieces of data can confuse or disorient a user. Filtering data can also make results more efficient.

Data filtering in IT can refer to a wide range of strategies or solutions for refining data sets. This means the data sets are refined into simply what a user (or set of users) needs, without including other data that can be repetitive, irrelevant or even sensitive. Different types of data filters can be used to amend reports, query results, or other kinds of information results.

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